ICIR 2020

The 2nd International Conference and Consolidation on Indigenous Religions

“Centering the Margin through Intersectoral Collaboration”

13 – 17 Desember 2020

The second ICIR aims to follow up on the first conference which took place in 2019, and more specifically to respond the third year of the Constitutional Court (MK) Decision 97/2016 on indigenous religions. The term ‘indigenous religions’ in this second ICIR is understood as a complex discursive category subject to discussion or even debate among the varieties of egencies: government officials, NGO activist, practitioners, researchers, academics, and communities themselves. The second ICIR perceives its scope as intersectoral with a variety of issues including religious minorities, spirituality movements, environment, women, children, and so forth. It terefore invites those who work on these different issues to participate and engage in sharing experiences, knowledges, resources, for intersectoral collaborations. To be more spesific, the theme of the conference will focus on issues of indigenous for exercises of centering the margins through cross-issue and intersectoral collaboration.


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