Opening Remarks and Plenary Session 1 – The 4th ICIR 2022

The opening of The 4th International Conference on Indigenous Religions began with remarks from the chairman of the committee and the Rector of Panca Bhakti University. Apart from that, local dance performances also enlivened this session.

After the opening, the first plenary session took place with the theme “The Contestation between Universal and Local Values for Inclusive Democracy”. This session discusses the struggle for local and universal values in a democratic society. In Indonesia, the battle for these values occurs between local values practiced by indigenous peoples and principles such as human rights adopted in state regulations. At any given moment, the two values go hand in hand. At other times, the two are not compatible.

Within the framework of inclusive democracy, which is the main theme of this conference, the question is to what extent are universal and local values in Indonesia compatible with a religious and social life? If they are contradictory, what are the factors that make the gap between the two values, even more, negating one another? If the values of the two are contradictory, how to bridge the two within the framework of an inclusive democracy?

To answer these questions, this session invited experts from academics, practitioners, and leaders of indigenous peoples who aspire to create an inclusive democracy in Indonesia.


  1. Sandra Hamid (The Asia Foundation)
  2. Apai Janggot (Ketua Masyarakat Adat Dayak Iban Sungai Utik)
  3. Dewi Candraningrum (Jejer Wadon)

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